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West Bengal has a long history of public library services. Even there were few libraries like circulating library before the establishment of Asiatic Society in the year 1784. 'Calcutta School Book Society' which was established in the year 1817 had an indirect but important role in the establishment of libraries. Calcutta Public Library was opened for all ranks and classes without distinction in the year 1836 as a 'public library of reference and circulation'. On the other hand few public libraries had also started their function in the society during this period. As per Bengal Library Directory, published by the Bengal Library Association it is observed that 86 Public libraries were established in 19th century at undivided Bengal.
The scenario of the establishment of public libraries at first four decades are -
1901-1910 - 81 Libraries
1911-1920 - 184 Libraries
1921-1930 - 268 Libraries
1931-1940 - 571 Libraries Library movement of Bengal always pleaded for introduction of Library Act and free library services to all. As a result West Bengal turned out as the fifth State where Public Libraries Act was enacted [ in the year 1979 ].

Now West Bengal has a strong network of public library system, comprising of 12 Government Libraries, 2463 Government Sponsored Libraries and 7 Government aided libraries having State Central Library at the apex.

To keep the tune with the need of the hour, Directorate of Library Services under the Mass Education Extension and Library Services Department, Government of West Bengal, has implemented the computerized networking programe of the libraries.

State Central Library along with 7 other Government Libraries and 19 Government Sponsored District Libraries are now connected in intranet. The bibliographical database of these libraries in the form of Union Catalogue will be available online through this portal along with various other services. All the public libraries of West Bengal [ sponsored and non sponsored ] may share this bibliographical database at free of cost.

A digital archive of rare books has been also build to cater the scholars and interested people of our society. Dissemination of information of various Government departments. In connection with life and livelihood of people is also a part of this portal along with various other library related information.

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