Departmental Orders

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23-03-2021 1562-Edn(SE) dated 14.08.1981 Recruitment rules for Librarian and Assitant Librarian of State Central Library recruitment_rules_for_librarian_assitant_librarian_of_state_central_library.pdf
23-03-2021 646-MEE-Sectt. dated 31.05.2007 Recruitment Rules for Librarian, Assistant Librarian, Technical Assistant of Govt. Library recruitment_rules_for_librarian_assistant_librarian_technical_assistant_of_govt_library.pdf
23-03-2021 213 -MEE-Sectt dated 07.03.2021 Recruitment Rules for Assistant District Library Officer recruitment_rules_for_assistant_district_library_officer.pdf
23-03-2021 350-Edn(MEE) dated 19.03.1990 Recruitment Rules for Assitant Director of Library Services recruitment_rules_for_assitant_director_of_library_services.pdf
23-03-2021 162-Edn(SE) dated 15.03.1985 Recruitment Rules for District Library Officer recruitment_rules_for_district_library_officer.pdf
23-03-2021 451-MEE-Sectt. dated 16.05.2013 Recruitment Rules for Deputy Director of Library Services recruitment_rules_for_deputy_director_of_library_services.pdf
23-03-2021 20-Edn(SE) dated 06.01.1992 Recruitment Rules of Library Assistant and Library Attendant of Govt. Library recruitment_rules_of_library_assistant_library_attendant_of_govt_library.pdf
23-03-2021 945-Edn(MEE) dated 03.07.1997 Direct Recruitment Rule for employees of Govt. Sponsored Libraries direct_recruitment_rule_for_employees_of_govt_sponsored_libraries.pdf
23-03-2021 1060-MEE-Sectt. dated 25.11.2008 Recruitment Rules for Aided Library Staff recruitment_rules_for_aided_library_staff.pdf
23-03-2021 94-MEE-Sectt. dated 31.01.2017 Recruitment Rule for employees of Govt. Sponsored Libraries recruitment_rule_for_employees_of_govt_sponsored_libraries.pdf
06-02-2015 287(20)-Edn(MEE) dated 13.03.1996 Filling up the vacancies of cycle peon in sponsored Pub. Lib. filling_up_the_vacancies_of_c.pdf
06-02-2015 275(18)/LS dated 06.03.1998 Filling up of vacant posts in Govt. Sposnored Public Library filling up of vacant posts in govt.pdf
06-02-2015 661-MEE/Sectt dated 30.09.2011 Public Libraries towards payment of salary public_libraries_towards_payment_of_salary.pdf
06-02-2015 1081-MEE/Sectt dated 10.09.2012 Payment of salaries of the employees of Govt. sponsored libraries payment_of_salaries_of_the_employees_of_govt_sponsoredlibrari.pdf
06-02-2015 1149-F dated 12.02.2007 Economy circulars issued by the Govt. in 2000 and again 2002 economy_circulars_issued_by_the_govt..pdf
06-02-2015 3900-F dated 19.05.1998 Raising of Age limit for Direct Recruitment raising_of_age_limit.pdf
06-02-2015 2312-Edn(MEE) dated 05.08.1998 Upgradation of 40 libraries to Town Libraries and sanction of 80 post upgradation_of_40libraries-to-T.pdf
06-02-2015 1875-Edn(MEE) dated 21.12.2000 Acumulation and encashment of Earned Leave of Govt. sponosred Public Library employees acumulation and encashment of e.pdf
06-02-2015 1736-L dated 30.08.2000 The West Bengal Scheduled Castes ans Schedule Tribes (2nd amendment) Act, 2000 west bengal scheduled_castes_ans_sc.pdf
06-02-2015 1676(19)/LS dated 27.02.2004 Post facto Approval of Appointment of staff members of the sponsored and Aided Libraries postfacto_approval_of_appointment.pdf
06-02-2015 1660(20)/LS dated 02.11.2012 Working certificate for disbursement of salary through Bank Account of the employee working_certificatefordisburseme.pdf
06-02-2015 1627(2)-Edn (MEE) dated 10.11.2000 Delegation of power of sanctioning leave delegation of power of sanc.pdf
06-02-2015 1342-Edn(MEE) dated 24.08.1999 Redisignation of category of employees of upgraded Town Library redisignation_of_category_of_emp.pdf
06-02-2015 1341/LS dated 30.12.2011 Career Advancement benefit for the employee of Public Library career-advancement_benefit_for_the_emp.pdf
06-02-2015 1209(20)/LS dated 13.09.2006 Prposal for approval of panel prepared under direct recruitment procedure or requisite papers to .pdf
06-02-2015 1182-MEE-Sectt. dated 17.11.2009 Enhancement in the age limit of son and unmarried daughter towards family pension enhancementintheagelimito_1.pdf
05-02-2015 1063-MEE-Sectt. dated 11.10.2007 Guideline for selection of Employees of Govt. Sponsored Lib. guideline-for-selection-of-emp.pdf
05-02-2015 1047-MEE-Sectt. dated 20.11.2008 Facilities of higher education for the employee of Govt. sponsored Pub. Lib. facilities-of-higher-education.pdf
05-02-2015 983-MEE-Sectt. dated 08.10.2010 Inclusion of one member from Minority Community inclusion_of_one_member.pdf
05-02-2015 859-MEE-Sectt dated 06.09.2010 Memorandum memorandum.pdf
05-02-2015 858-MEE-Sectt. dated 06.09.2010 Clarification relating Revision of pay and allowances clarification-relating-Revision.pdf
05-02-2015 852-MEE-Sectt. dated 03.09.2010 Guideline, conditions and procedures for setting up or upgradation of Public Libraries guideline_conditionsandproce.pdf
05-02-2015 831/LS dated 25.06.2001 Anomalies in Recruitment Rules anomalies_in_recruitment_rules.pdf
05-02-2015 737-MEE-Sectt. dated 06.07.2007 Approval to the appointment of staff attached to 07 Government Aided Libraries approval_the_appointment.pdf
05-02-2015 684-MEE-Sectt. dated 19.10.2011 Functions of Different types of Public Library functions_of_different_types.pdf
05-02-2015 638-MEE-Sectt. dated 27.07.2006 Change of date of option of the employee of Govt. sponsored Lib. change_of_date_of_option.pdf
05-02-2015 608-LS-Sectt. dated 10.10.2001 Maximum age limit for Recruitment of employee attached Govt. sponsored Lib. maximum_age_limit_for_recruitmen.pdf
05-02-2015 573/LS dated 19.04.2000 Determination of maximum limit of annual membership determination_of_maximum_age_limit.pdf
05-02-2015 560/LS dated 17.04.2009 Order regarding revision of Pay and Allowances, 09 order_regarding_revision_of_pay_and_al.pdf
05-02-2015 546-MEE-Serctt. dated 19.05.2009 Upgradation of Rural Libraries and cration of posts upgradation_of_rural_libraries.pdf
05-02-2015 519-MEE-Sectt. dated 05.08.2011 Benefit of enjoying other regular leaves of Durwan/Night Guard/ DCNW benefit_of_enjoying_other_regul.pdf
05-02-2015 498-EDN(MEE) dated 04.04.1995 Fixation of pay in respect of the employee of govt. sponsored Lib. fixation_pay_respect_of_the_e.pdf
05-02-2015 489-MEE-Sectt. dated 17.04.2009 Clarification of Non trained library personnel clarification_of_non_trained_li.pdf
05-02-2015 474-MEE-Sectt. dated 13.04.2009 Drawl of DA in the revised pay structure drawl_da_revised_pay.pdf
05-02-2015 473-MEE-LS dated 13.04.2009 Illustration showing fixation of pay in the revised pay structure illustration_showing_fixation_no_473.pdf
05-02-2015 201-MEE-Sectt. dated 28.02.2011 Pensionary benefit of the employees of Non-Govt. educational institutions pensionary_benefit_of_emplo.pdf
05-02-2015 165-MEE-Sectt. dated 13.02.2009 Sanction of Sponsorship to Ilam Pioneer Library in the District of Malda sanction_sponsorship_to_ilam.pdf
05-02-2015 109-MEE-Sectt. dated 02.02.2009 Protection of Pay for employees protection_pay_for_employees.pdf
05-02-2015 88-LS-Sectt. dated 17.06.2003 Change of the name of the post of Cycle peon change_name_pos_cycle_peon.pdf
05-02-2015 53-MEE-Sectt. dated 16.01.2009 Clarification of order Wide circulation clarification_order_wide_circ.pdf
05-02-2015 14-Edn(SE) dated 06.01.1987 Facilities for higher education facilities_higher_education.pdf
05-02-2015 6-MEE-Sectt. dated 03.01.2008 Formation of Selection Committee formation_selection_committeef.pdf
15-07-2014 967/LS dated 25.06.2014 Maintenance Grant of CLICs maintenance_grant_memo_no_967.pdf
15-07-2014 966/LS dated 25.06.2014 Maintenance Grant of CLICs maintenance_grant_memo_no_966.pdf
15-07-2014 965/LS dated 25.06.2014 Maintenance Grant of CLICs maintenance_grant_memo_no_965.pdf
15-07-2014 964/LS dated 25.06.2014 Maintenance Grant of CLICs maintenance_grant_memo_no_964.pdf
15-07-2014 963/LS dated 25.06.2014 Honorarium of Organisers of CLICs honorarium_organisersmemo_no_963.pdf
15-07-2014 962/LS dated 25.06.2014 Honorarium of Organisers of CLICs honorarium_organisersmemo_no_962.pdf
15-07-2014 961/LS dated 25.06.2014 Honorarium of Organisers of CLICs honorarium_organisers_25-06-2014.pdf
15-07-2014 739/LS dated 21.05.2014 Salary allotment for employees of Govt. Aided Libraries salary_allotment_21-05-2014.pdf
15-07-2014 940/LS dated 23.06.2014 Telephone allotment for Office of the District Library Officers telephone_allotment_23-06-2014.pdf
15-07-2014 866/LS dated 11.06.2014 Contingency allotment for Office of the District Library Officers contingency_allotment_11-06-2014.pdf
15-07-2014 796/LS dated 28.05.2014 Salary allotment for employees of DLO Offices salary_allotment_for_dlo_offices.pdf
15-07-2014 892/LS dated 17.06.2014 Maintenance allotment for Govt. Libraries maintenance_allotment_17-06-2014.pdf
15-07-2014 800/LS dated 28.05.2014 Salary allotment for employees of Govt. Libraries salary_allotment_28-05-2014.pdf
15-07-2014 846/LS dated 03.06.2014 Contingency with Corgendum alotment for employees of govt. sponsored libraries contingency_with_corgendum_alotment_03-06-2014.pdf
08-07-2014 847/LS dated 03.06.2014 Contingency allotment for employees of govt. sponsored libraries contingency_allotment_03-06-2014.pdf
08-07-2014 680/LS dated 29.04.2014 Corgendum of salary allotment under Memo No. 643/LS dt. 24.04.2014 corrigendum_memo_no_680_ls.pdf
08-07-2014 643/LS dated 24.04.2014 Salary allotment for employees of govt. sponsored libraries sanction_order_for_grant_in_aid_08_07_2014.pdf