• Kanyashree Prakalpa

    Kanyashree Prakalpa, launched by the Government of West Bengal on 1st October 2013, is a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Scheme that incentivizes the schooling of all teenage girls between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, simultaneously dis-incentivizing child marriage.

  • Integrated Child Protection Scheme

    The Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) is a centrally sponsored scheme aimed at building a protective environment for children in difficult circumstances, as well as other vulnerable children, through Government-Civil Society Partnership

  • Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS)

    ICDS was launched on October 2, 1975 with only 1 urban (Khidirpur of Kolkata) and 1 rural (Manbazar of Purulia) project in West Bengal.At present, in West Bengal 576 projects (423 – rural, 75 – urban, 78 – tribal projects) are operational.It is a centrally sponsored scheme run by the State Govt. / UT through AWCs.

  • Integrated Programme for Older Persons (IPOP)

    This is a Central Sector Scheme is wholly funded by the Government of India for the Welfare of Older Persons and aims at improving the quality of their lives, the target group being the individuals aged 60 years and above, particularly the infirm, destitute and widows.

  • Integrated Programme for Older Persons (IPOP)

    This Centrally Sponsored Scheme is implemented through NGOs for the welfare of Persons with Disabilities and is funded by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Government of India for running of Special schools for children with special needs ( both Day care and residential) , OPDs for identification as well as referral services, providing of rehabilitation therapies etc.

  • Swadhar Greha

    This is a Central Sector Scheme which is implemented though NGOs for protection of women in difficult circumstances, destitute and deserted , victims of sexual abuse and or trafficking or victims of natural calamities etc.

  • Ujjwala

    This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme for prevention of trafficking, rescue and rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of trafficking. The scheme is implemented through NGOs.Two NGOs, Women’s Interlink Foundation and HASUS are running Home under the scheme in West Bengal.

  • District Disability Rehabilitation Centre (DDRC)

    DDRCs are entrusted with the screening, identification and certification of persons with disabilities in the districts and they also monitor the implementation of ADIP and acts as Resource Centre. DDRCs are run under the monitoring and guidance of District Monitoring Team (DMT) formed with representatives of the implementing NGO and senior officials from District Administration.

  • Assistance to Disabled persons (ADIP)

    This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme for providing grant in aid to implementing Voluntary organisations for purchase fabrication and distribution of prosthetic aids, and appliances which help persons with disability to attain the capacity of independent living.